Early Life and Inspiration

From the Start

Born in Paris, France, into a family of cabaret artists, Elfie Astier was deeply influenced by the vibrant and rebellious spirit of the cabaret scene. Her father, Paco (also known as Henri Astier), was a co-founder of the Alcazar, a celebrated cabaret in St. Germain des Prés. Growing up in such a dynamic environment, Elfie was immersed in the revolutionary and mythical aspects of Parisian nightlife from a young age.

the big move

Career Beginnings in Entertainment

Elfie began her career in the entertainment industry at just seven years old, quickly establishing herself as a talented actress and singer in Paris. By the age of eighteen, she had made a substantial mark in the Parisian performing arts scene. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her entertainment career further but soon discovered that her true passion extended beyond the stage to the kitchen.

Culinary Journey

The Start of Hotcakes Bakes

Elfie’s culinary passion was also inspired by her father, who had worked as a pastry chef in his youth to support his dance training at the Paris Opera. From him, she learned the art of creating essential breads and sweets. Training under her father and at famous Parisian bakeries like Gerard Mulot and Ladurée, Elfie honed her baking skills. In 2005, combining her love for entertainment and baking, Elfie opened Hotcakes Bakes in Los Angeles, infusing her bakery with a touch of cabaret flair, thereby reviving her family's artistic roots.

Cupcake Wars Winner

Elfie brought her unique blend of Parisian flair and culinary expertise to the national stage when she competed in and won "Cupcake Wars." Her victory on the popular TV show is a testament to her innovative approach to baking, which combines traditional techniques with creative, cabaret-inspired designs

The Hotcakes Bakes Team

We are an upscale, woman-founded and owned small business with a love for creative passion and empowering our employees. We are a family that comes together every day to spread our love and knowledge for baking with each other and to the world. All bakery items are prepared from scratch on-site, from French pastries & viennoiserie to award-winning cupcakes and cakes.


Established in 2005 by Elfie Astier, our bakery offers a warm and bright atmosphere. It is celebrated as one of the top places for cakes in Los Angeles.

4119 South Centinela Avenue in Los Angeles

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